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tv   Eyewitness News at 4  CBS  May 17, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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levees are holding for now, as the mississippi hits a record crest. >> some people are leery in moving out. but you know, raising their furniture and stuff. but i think it's going to be okay. >> people in louisiana fill sandbags, watch closely and hope for the best. >> hi, everybody. i'm mary bubala. >> and i'm kai jackson. here's when people are talking about. shipping interrupted. the country closes the country's busiest inland waterways, over fears of the bulging mississippi river, will breach levees and flood thousands. karen brown reports from mississippi. >> reporter: the coast guard has shut down the mississippi
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river to all. protecting hundreds of thousands of people. but the decision could cost the u.s. hundreds of millions of dollars a day. the river has been rising to historic levels. and officials are taking drastic measures. for the favorite time, -- first time, three spillways have been opened on the mississippi at the same time. in louisiana, water continues to be diverted into the morganza spillway, where some 25,000 people live. many have packed up and left, while others are doing what they can to protect their property from the coming flood. >> we're still saying, don't let your guards down, prepare. because the lack of preparation can cause destruction. >> reporter: this major highway bridge has been shut down because the flooding is already a football field closer to the town. now, the yasu isn't expected to crest here until thursday. but so far, levees like this one are holding. >> reporter: floodwaters have already engulfed low-lying areas in this community.
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mcdaniels built a small levee around his house. now you can't even see it. >> it was about a 3 1/2-foot tunnel. it's creeping up. >> reporter: the water is creeping closer to the town. >> it has covered all of that up. >> reporter: carolyn justice has lived here for 25 years and has never seen a river this high. >> it's sad. but it's interesting. and it's a lot of water. >> reporter: and the water is expected to stay high for weeks. >> reporter: karen brown, wjz eyewitness news. >> the river is already three feet above record levels and is not expected to crest until saturday. >> here in maryland, a flash flood watch is in effect until late tonight. outside right now, some sun is out. but there is rain in other parts of the state right now. let's go to meteorologist bernadette woods who is tracking first warning doppler radar. you did warn us, bernadette. >> that's right. we did see clouds the last couple of days, limiting the sunshine out there. want to say, first warning live
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doppler radar. we've had the rain, except for western parts of the state. looking at dispatch now, making its way in from the southeast. that's the direction these are moving from. there are severe thunderstorm warnings with this line. it will continue westward, so it's going to miss most of maryland. now, a little closer to home, we have thunderstorms, which have popped up around annapolis. again, these are also moving off to the northwest. you'll be heading farther into montgomery county and toward frederick. here's a list of watches and warnings. you can see a lot of colors going on with this map. all of the orange. they are to the southwest. and they are moving northwest ward. for us, flash flood watches in effect. also, coastal flood warnings because of the high tide running higher than normal. still, the winds out of the east are really starting to pick up and push that water up there. and it's been close to a full moon. so all of that going on together. we'll have a full forecast.
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breakup bombshell. former governor arnold schwarzenegger confesses he has a child through someone who worked for him and his wife maria shriver. >> reporter: arnold schwarzenegger made a shocking admission, that he had an affair and fathered a child with a member of his household staff. the former california governor said it happened more than a decade ago and that he told his wife, maria shriver. >> this is a painful and heartbreaking time. as a mother, my concern is for the children. i ask for compassion, respect and privacy as my children and i try to recover. >> shriver had moved out of their brentwood home earlier this year. >> reporter: schwarzenegger waited until he left the governor's office in january before breaking the news and apologizing to his wife and their four kids. he said in a statement, i understand and deserve the
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feelings of anger and disappointment among my friends and family. there are no excuses, and i take full responsibility for the hurt i have caused. news of schwarzenegger's infidelity came as a surprise to many. >> it's got to be shocking to the family. >> wow. shows everybody has skeletons. >> reporter: the baby was born before schwarzenegger ran for office. and kept secret as shriver vouched for her husband's integrity when he was accused of harassment. >> my family believes in him, 100%. >> reporter: the staff member continued in the home after having the baby, just retiring this past january, after 20 years with the schwarzenegger family. >> reporter: kendis gibson, wjz eyewitness news. >> and sources tell the "l.a. times," schwarzenegger has provided financial assistance for the child all along. a surprise turn in the corruption case for a high- ranking politician. denise has more on a plea deal.
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>> reporter: kai, today, johnson pled guilty to charges of extortion, witness tampering and evidence tampering. this was the scene as johnson left the courthouse today. he was indicted on charges he accepted campaign contributions and other gifts in exchange for federal grant money. and his wife leslie were arrested in november. agents heard johnson tell his wife to flush a $100,000 check from a developer down the toilet. the johnsons initially said they would fight the allegations. a sentencing date for jack johnson has not been set. >> more coming up at 5:00. life imitating art. the actress who appears on the wire appears in court. more on what happened when "snoop" faced a judge. >> she played a snoop on "the
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wire," which took place here in baltimore. now, she's fighting allegations that she was selling drugs in real life. but pearson says through her attorney, she's not guilty. >> we haven't been offer good facts yet that show she is guilty. >> reporter: she was arraigned on charges of distribution and conspiracy to possess heroin, after a police raid in march. 63 others were also charged in the joint's state and federal operations to take down an alleged east baltimore drug gang. >> in a conspiracy that involves this many people federally and state, it's very common that a lot of them don't even know each other. >> reporter: pearson's was in real life, convicted at age 14. and arrested for marijuana. but in an interview, snoop says she left that life behind. >> i never got high. you know what i'm saying? and like i was -- i don't know. i was just a strong person. >> reporter: and now the 31- year-old must wait for the prosecution to reveal what evidence they have. >> there's going to be a
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substantial volume of phone calls, all of that. probably won't have anything to do with ms. pearson. >> reporter: in an interview, "snoop" says she is not doing anything and is not selling drugs. her next court date is set for august 9th. i'm andrea fujiyy, wjz -- fujii, wjz eyewitness news. >> pearson is free on bond but is being electronically monitored as she pursues her acting career. a baltimore person sentenced. alex sims was charged with sexually abusing a girl at his parkville home. today, he received a 10-year sentence with all but four suspended. the child's family is satisfied with the sentence. and they say the young girl is doing well. generous in life and also in death. new details today about william donald schaefer's will.
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jessica is in the newsroom with more on his estate and heirs. >> the estate was worth almost $2.5 million. in his will, 20 of his gifts received special gifts. and his assistant, laneie received the largest gift, half a million dollars. he also named local aquariums and churches. he also left $50,000 to the hilda may snoops memorial fund. >> new at 5:00, wjz talked with some of the groups receiving money from schaefer's estate. we'll check in on our roads now. here's kristy breslin with wjz traffic control. so far, delaywise, we're in pretty good shape. just a minor delay if you're traveling on the west side of the inner loop. that's security boulevard to liberty road. northbound 795, we have a vehicle fire. that's on the off-ramp to
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owings mills boulevard. brake lights to watch out for, 95 to 135. should only take about five minutes to get through. and as far as accidents go, quite a few. westbound 40, at bethany lane. mountain road at stratford lane. and also 543 at 95, over to baltimore city. garrison boulevard, at west forest park avenue. and also, east 33rd. let's now take a live look. you can see the beltway moving very well there. and another live look south of the beltway. no problems in that direction either. this traffic report is brought to you by the cochran firm. if you or someone you know has suffered a personal injury, call 1-800-the firm. or call for a free consultation. back to you. >> thank you very much. junior jockeys take part in the junior preakness today. >> three, two, one, go! ♪ [ music ] >> look at them go.
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young girls and boys race to the finish line on hipity hops in federal hill park. and you can see the children are giving it their all, too. coming across the line is 4- year-old troy barbam -- basham, who talks to wjz about his strategy. >> as fast as i could. >> i understand that, troy, absolutely. after the race, the children caught their breath while enjoying packed lurches -- lunches and live entertainment. the preakness this year is spons ored by macu. >> he's keeping it a secret, essentially. his strategy. still ahead on wjz eyewitness news at 4:00. more damage than you think. new research on just what you're doing to your body when you binge drink. >> offensive to some. how you can avoid certain adult ads on television. the biggest case in los angeles. what police are doing to catch the men who beat a baseball fan into a coma.
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a risky plan to get rid of bed bugs in ohio lands an exterminator in hot water. they say he was using heaters to get rid of the bugs. but the carpet caught fire. the exterminator will have to pay for the damage. the so-called granny bandit is behind bars. after appearing for a judge, the 50-year-old granny pleaded not guilty. originally, police believed the perpetrator was as old as 80. bail was set at half a million dollars. making progress. the san francisco giants fan
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takes steps toward recovery. now, l.a. police are trying to catch his assailants before the trail goes cold. >> reporter: 46 days after being beaten nearly to death at the l.a. dodgers opening game, 42-year- old brian stow was transferred today from a critical care unit today in los angeles, by ambulance, by plane, to san francisco general. his mother says the father of two and avid san francisco giants fan, remains in a coma- like state. >> people in that state can open their eyes, they have movement. but they don't know how much of that is brian doing it on his own. it's just his body's response. >> reporter: the response of the lapd has been massive. despite 17 detectives working full-time, plastering the city with 300 of these billboards, a $100,000 reward, they still haven't apprehended the two assailants they say, simply lose -- who beat stow simply
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because he was wearing a giants jersey. detectives have investigated all tips and now they're focused on two which they consider most promising. right now, you need kind of a lucky break. >> we need a break. it could be that one phone call, that one person out there who knows who this suspect is. that's how we're going to solve this case. >> reporter: they are adding additional security cameras and police presence. not a great day on wall street. concerns about the economy drag the markets down. dow was down 69. s&p off a fraction. nasdaq was up a point. let's go to new york, where alexis christoforous has tonight's cbs money watch update. gas prices are lower for the first time in eight weeks. the average price for a gallon of regular fell 3 cents to $3.95 nationwide. prices are starting to drop as crude oil starts to fall.
4:18 pm
it is down 18 cents a barrel this fall. some analysts think it will fall to 50 cents before we hit the peak driving season. a usa today gallup poll. more than half say they have made major changes to deal with paying more for gas, like taking shorter trips or cutting back on vacation travel. and 54% believe high gas prices are here to stay. wal-mart said prices rose a quarter percent. but business in the u.s. is still soft for the world's largest retailer. wal-mart's worries that it will cause its customers to spend less. and sprint nextel ranks number 1 in customer satisfaction. once dead last in the rankings among the big four, sprint nextel jumps to the top of the heap.
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those two companies agree to the merger. that's expected to close sometime next year. that's your money watch. for more, head to in new york, i'm alexis christoforous. coming up at 4:00. blind faith in technology. a couple gets lost following their gps. what you need to know if you have one in your car. if you could, would you want to know how long you'll live? more on the controversial test in healthwatch. it's gray and overcast. and rain is moving over maryland. an update on the flash flood watch in first warning weather. wjz 13 is always on. for the top stories on, for instant updates and first warning weather all the time, click ,,,,,,,, curtis: welcome back to geico radio,
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it's savings, on the radio. gecko: hello clarence from stevens point. clarence: ok, you know the grapes at the grocery store? clarence: well, sometimes you try one. take it for a test drive, see how it tastes. clarence: well, my wife says that's stealing.
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i say it's sampling. what do you think? gecko: yeah, um, listen clarence, i can't really speak to the moral bit, but if you switch to geico, you could save hundreds of dollars on your car insurance. you could buy a whole heap of grapes. how's that?
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look at the clouds. you can tell that there's still trouble around. >> they really are. and in should places, they are. now, for us, we haven't gotten it that bad yet. when i show you first warning doppler radar, there's a line of pretty strong storms. and there are severe thunderstorm warnings in effect.
4:23 pm
notice, all of this is moving off to the west. so the tail end of this side will swing into maryland the next few hours. but it's going to cut from frederick westward. in addition, we have seen this batch of thunderstorms popping up. there are no warning switches. we've seen rain, thunder, a downpour and gusty winds with it. into crofton and columbia right now. and that will continue off to the northwest. as we head through the next few hours, probably going to see more form on this radar. but we did already have lighter rain earlier today. we'll switch it over and show you from earlier. this is what it looked like. the lighter rain and drizzle made their way through the morning hours. and even got a peak of sunshine or two before this next round of sunshine came in. with everything going on. here are the severe thunderstorm warnings in effect. those are down to our south. for us, a lot of different versions of green. and all of those indicate some version of a flood warning, flash flood warning, coastal flood warning. along the east here, we have
4:24 pm
the wind piling up the water. also a full moon, and if you live in one of those areas that tends to flood, you know what i'm talking about with the full moon. we have a flash flood watch in effect with the darker green. but we haven't had huge amounts of rain yet. but of course, we'll watch that and monitor it and keep you updated on that situation. here in the east, they've warmed up today. temperature-wise, we've warmed up somewhat. 72 in d.c. 60s, the farther west you go. and each 50s in the mountains. we're slightly above average. and we'll probably be closer to that average tomorrow. but we will start to climb above it during this five-day forecast. so here's the storm that we have been tracking for a long time now. we will still for another few days. we're not finished yet. and the central spin to it is down to our south. that's why all of these showers and thunderstorms are coming in off the ocean. they've made that connection. so it's a full moisture. it is really not winding down. what's going to happen over the next few days is this whole
4:25 pm
thing will slowly start to drift off to the north. taz does so, it will eaken. by this weekend, it gets out of here. but it's going to take a few days for that to happen. it's going to be a progressive thing as it's happening. still, scattered showers and thunderstorms tomorrow. we head into thursday. a little weaker. but still scattered showers and storms out there. we'll see some sunshine coming up coming out. but still, as we head through the afternoon, rounds of showers and storms starting to pop up. and by saturday, looks like it's trying to get out of here. so the forecast, as we head through the afternoon, showed you showers and storms tonight. still showers and storms around. same thing for tomorrow. getting into the low 70s for our highs. and slowly but surely, we will start to see more sunshine mixing in and less coverage of these showers and storms. but they're still in the forecast for the next few days. and to get out of here, though, we are going to warm it up. and we'll have your five-day later. >> okay, bern. thank you. be sure to watch wjz tonight. at 10:00. you do not want to miss the
4:26 pm
finale of the good wife, starring josh charls. stick around with wjz at 11:00. lots more ahead on wjz. stricter warning labels could be coming to health medicine. two big bomb scares as queen elizabeth makes her way to ireland. another woman comes forward to say the head of the imf also sexually assaulted her. sexually assaulted her. ,,,, [ horns honking ] [ whistle blows ]
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[ male announcer ] can the network you live on handle the computers, tvs and technology you can't live without? ♪ verizon fios can. get the power and speed of america's largest 100% fiber optic network. verizon fios. a network ahead. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v.
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it is fir:29. sphiern degrees and a mixture of sun and clouds. i'm vic carter. >> and i'm desniece coke here's what -- denise koch. here's what people are talking about. >> michelle miller reports on the explosive sex charges against dominique strauss-kahn.
4:30 pm
>> reporter: the high-powered international banker stood silent as prosecutors called dominique strauss-kahn, a definitely flight risk, saying his home country of france has no formal extradition agreement with the u.s. >> we also know that the defendant has personal, political and financial resources to, in fact, flee. >> reporter: he is being charged with rape, sexual assault and unlawful imprisonment, according to a 32- year-old maid. the complaint says he forced the door closed, and sexually assaulted her. >> he attempted to rape her. when he was unsuccessful, he forced her to perform oral sex on him. >> authorities say forensic evidence took into account evidence from strauss-kahn's past. a woman who claims she was sexually attacked by him in 2002 has indicated she may now
4:31 pm
file charges. during monday's hearing, hotel surveillance tape shows he was rushing trying to leave the hotel. but his attorney countered that he had a full schedule before heading to his flight. >> we do not believe he had any reason to flee the jurisdiction. his principal purpose is to clear his name. >> but the judge denied the bail. citing that he was a flight risk, when hearing he was on the tarmac. >> i hear your client that was at jfk airport, about to board a flight, that raises concern. >> reporter: strauss-kahn, the chief of the imf and future candidate of president of france, was called one of the future forces by forbes magazine. a reception fit for a queen. hundreds were on hand to
4:32 pm
welcome the queen to the republic of ireland. it is the first time a british monarch has ever made that trip. >> reporter: they played god save the queen. the four-day trip is intended to show highlights. security sites. i.r.a. disdepts remain opposed. overnight, police diffused a pipe bomb. but nobody was hurt. >> most of ireland has been its own state since 1922. however, northern ireland remains part of the united kingdom. part of a federal investigation into big oil refineries. lawmakers want a review of gas price fixing. this comes as the senate prepares to vote on the measure to strip oil companies of big tax breaks. that bill, sponsored by senator
4:33 pm
bill cardin, is widely opposed by republicans. after hitting $4 a gallon a few days ago, the average price for a gallon of regular is about $3.99 a gallon today. that's 16 sents higher lan last month and $1.13 higher than it was this time last year. in today's healthwatch, federal health officials are considering changes to some popular over-the-counter pain relievers. sources report to wjz, the hope is to prevent overdoses in children. >> reporter: michelle alba gives her 9-month-old aseat -- acetaminophen. but she never knows how much to give. >> you don't know if it's too little, or too much. >> that's because instructions with aseat min fen -- acetaminophen don't have instructions for children under 2. the instructions say, talk
4:34 pm
to your own doctor. >> bee need to not only use -- we need to not only use it at the right dose, but the right intervals. if you use too much, it can damage your liver. >> reporter: last year, they reported 7500 dosing accidents. most involved children under 2. >> some use cups while others use droppers to make things easier and safer, the fda is considering requiring all of these drugs use the same measuring tool. >> standardizing a medication syringe, making one for all types of medication, making sure that it's clearly labeled, is very important. >> reporter: michelle things -- thinks the changes are a great idea. >> it will put a lot of parents at ease. >> reporter: so she can feel a lot more confident when she needs to soothe her baby. >> they also want consumers to consider weight dosing in addition to age dosing.
4:35 pm
ibuprofen products already have these labels. think of it as a permanent hangover. researchers say binge drinking could be doing more damage to your body than you think. a new study examines the relationship between alcohol and memory loss. mary? >> reporter: doctors say heavy drinking may impair your memory, long after the hangover has worn off. researchers gave language and memory tests to 122 college students in nearly all of the tests, the binge drinkers performed worse than those who say they drink moderately. the study -- scientists say the study does not prove a relationship between memory and heavy drinking. but does say it shows a relationship between the two. >> heavy drinking is also known to cause high blood pressure and liver failure. a string of showers moving across the area. wjz has weather and traffic together. bob is here now with updated
4:36 pm
numbers. once again, it's spotty. others, sunshine and warmer temps. take a look at radar. in virginia, it's really raining heavily. look at this radar. you can see all of the activity moving from southeast to northwest. actually, look across virginia. just south of the city. this little batch has just popped up. thundershower activity, north of annapolis. just south of the city. heading toward columbia, heading toward howard county. another batch around cumberland and little orleans in western maryland. but the bulk of the activity. there you see it, south of washington. once again, we'll take a look at the activity, as it continues to slide off in the northwest direction. here in the city, you might miss some of it, particularly north and east. but there's still a lot more, perhaps developing to the south. still sun out there. things are a little volatile. we have watches and advisories in effect. take a look at this graphic for the entire coastal area of the bay. we still have coastal flood
4:37 pm
advisories. west of the bay, we have flash flood watches because of possibility of some folks getting 1 or 2 inches of rain in an hour or two. we'll keep abreast of the radar and let you know what is happening throughout the next 24 to 36 hours. still, a threat of some heavy downpours. denise? >> thank you, bob. let's check on the roads now with kristy breslin. hi, denise. hi, everyone. we have slowing out there on northbound 95. that's from 32 to 175. also delays on the west side inner loop. about 10 minutes there from security boulevard to liberty road. average speed, about 45 miles an hour. in parkville, a water main break there. harford road. just past the beltway. that will catch your eye. and aberdeen, short lane for another crash. westbound 40 at centennial lane, still working on getting that mess cleaned up there. and pot spring road in the cockeysville area. back in the city, edmondson
4:38 pm
avenue, at swan avenue. and now, let's tack a live -- take a live look. this traffic report is brought to you by bill's carpet, hardwood and laminate, 2. you can have it all. back to you. general motors brings hundreds of new jobs to baltimore county. derek valcourt was there when ground was broken for the new electric motor plant in whitemarsh today. >> reporter: it's a major investment in electric car technology, and gm is building it here in whitemarsh, baltimore county. >> reporter: governor martin o'malley on hand as gm breaks ground on a new $270 million electric motor plant. they're building it in addition to their successful allison transmission plant in whitemarsh. >> electric motors are the engine of the future. >> reporter: already wildly popular with drivers on long waiting lists to get them. electric and electric hybrid
4:39 pm
technology, considered by many as the consider to -- answer to the skyrocketing issues. the electric motor plant expected to add 200 jobs to the state. >> these jobs could have gone to another state, another country. but they're being built here. and it's happening because of the choices we make together. >> reporter: gm says not only will they be helping to build greener cars, the plant itself will be going green, thanks to a new solar plant roof installation that will help power the buildings on the allison transmission. >> reporter: construction on the plant is expected to be constructed sometime in 2013. in whitemarsh, baltimore county, derek valcourt, wjz eyewitness news. >> when complete, the plant will crank out 40,000 motors a year. straight ahead. back in an italian courtroom. the charges amanda knox is facing this time. heartbreak. marie osmond opens up about the suicide of her son.
4:40 pm
it's a cloudy sky with rain moving into maryland. bob turk has your rain coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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violence erupts on the streets of turkey as kurdish robberiles move in. >> reporter: turkish officials are to blame for the deaths of many over the weekend. today, rioters threw stones. no word yet if the number of injuries is as a result of the violence. an american national is on trial in peru today. william tricket smith is charged with killing his wife
4:44 pm
in lima, then putting her body in a suitcase and throwing it in the ocean. he was extradited last year. he faces up to 35 year behind bars if convicted. facing charges of slander. >> reporter: knox is currently serving a 26-year sentence, after she was convicted of killing her roommate in 2007. the trial turned into a worldwide speckitation. they say knox took part in a sex game that flew wildly out of control. knox may tains she was trying -- maintains she was trying to defend herself and never meant to slander anyone. the slappedder trial won't re -- slander trial won't resume until, in november. police in maine are still coming up empty in their efforts to identify a young boy found dead over the weekend. his body was discovered under a
4:45 pm
blanket near dirt roads saturday morning. it appears the boy was between 4 and 6 years old. police have received hundreds of tips since then, but none has panned out. detectives are reviewing surveillance tapes and looking for a pickup truck spotted in the area on saturday. millions of travelers no longer have maps. they use gps instead. but the story of a canadian couple lost in nevada sevens as a warning. this high-tech locator doesn't always work. >> reporter: caused to be blind faith in technology. >> we found a lady that has been in her van since march. >> she was rescued from this van after following directions from a gps to a dead end in the wilderness. her husband is still missing. >> her husband took off a month ago for help and never came back. so i'm sure he's dead. >> reporter: they had a gps
4:46 pm
mounted on their dash. >> reporter: though rare, incidents like this have happened enough to earn a macabry name. death by gps. >> reporter: for example, i'm driving on famed mulholland drive in los angeles. i ask the gps to take me to the hollywood bowl. and without fail -- i turn where it says, and drive straight into a locked gate. >> sometimes i'll get directed to a street and the street doesn't exist. >> reporter: a navigator can be a great aid. but you also always want to plot it on a traditional map and follow the road ahead. >> in other words, don't follow your gps blindly. bill whittaker, wjz eyewitness news, los angeles. >> rita critien is now out of the hospital. an intensified search for her
4:47 pm
husband began, but so far, nothing has turned up. a girl is weeks away from getting her learner's permit. but she already had her first crash. witnesses say a mother got out to make a phone call. and the girl climbed over the seat and plunged into a wall. patients can ship a sample of their blood to's company in spain call -- to a company in spain called life link. scientists believe the shorter your tips, the faster you're aging. doctors say the test won't tell when you're going to die, but it can give a better sense of life expectancy. commercials for cialis and medications are fast becoming time and space. but some parents are making sure those ads stay off the raceway until after their
4:48 pm
children go to sleep. >> ask your doctor if cialis for daily use is right for you. >> reporter: a couple in two bathtubs, overlooking a scenic vista or beautiful skyline, admit it's an image. that's when they say the cialis campaign wanted to push sex without being too sexy. >> my guess is that they were trying to be politically correct. >> reporter: now, the company is trying to hold on to something that is recognizable. >> i think there's a mantra, that that's the logo. we're not changing it. >> reporter: advertising for ed drugs is huge. as baby boomers age, be prepared to see a whole lot more for similar drugs like viagra. >> they're spending $313 million a year last year, up significantly from just a couple of years ago, and climbing. >> reporter: the parents television council got the drug companies to provide a schedule of when these ads would run so parents would have the option
4:49 pm
of keeping a child away from the tv. >> reporter: the corporation which manufactures cialis had no official comment on how the tub logo was created. marie osmond is opening up about the heartbreaking loss of her 18-year-old son. he jumped to his death last year. osmond spoke about how her family is coping. >> it doesn't heal. it just -- god gives you respite. you know, just little breathers. and you know, he's my baby. >> reporter: brian was one of five children, adopted by osmond and her ex-husband. an airline passenger captures an amazing midair video of yesterday's shuttle launch. she was on her way from new york to florida, when she caught a glimpse of endeavour, just after liftoff. it has taken off from there. clearly she was outside the window of this. >> that was an incredible image.
4:50 pm
i never thought about the fact that when the shuttle is going up, you don't any airplanes going up this way. >> could be very bad. forecast has clouds and rain. >> bob turk will be next. ,,,,,,,,,,
4:51 pm
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so that's why this diet thing is working. but it's weird because my wish for lorenzo came true. [ male announcer ] fiber one 90 calorie bars.
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and i keep telling myself, the winter was really bad. so this is just fine. >> and last week was beautiful. >> and that's where the thundershowers are. heading towards you folks in howard county. take a look at the radar. a whole batch spinning in your direction. really right on 29 now. southwest of baltimore, you may get hit by some of this. a little skinnier batch of light showers. but these heavier showers here. some areas saw as much as an inch and a half in some areas.
4:54 pm
stow far at the airport today, until this storm hit, only had 13/100ths of an inch. most of the eastern shore not seeing the bulk of the rain. comprehendwise, right now, we have been in the low 70s. 71. barometer holding steady. 56 in oakland. a lot more sun over here. even though the winds continue to bring in the moisture off the ocean, there were quite a few breaks off the ocean. that's why it warmed up. 72. that's why we're getting the thundershowers. sun comes out. 68 in bel air. 72 still in annapolis. east winds. and because of the east winds, it's piling the water up on the western side of the bay. as you mentioned. and because of the heavy, possible showers, we have a flash flood watch in for most of the area west of the bay.
4:55 pm
and coastal flood advisories for the bay. low pressure center, still sitting off the east coast here. keeps spinning around. you can see the waves of rain. a lot of it to the west and northwest of us. some of this is going to go to the new york and new jersey, delaware. it may come on board here in the maryland region. we still have a risk into tomorrow. before things may be slowing down just a bit. as this low continues to meander. it may take until thursday and friday. for things to dry out a little bit. so it's scattered shower activity. by saturday, we're hoping it's mild enough just in time for the preakness. tonight, still showers and thundershower activity. and a few thunderstorms. 60s, so a warm night. tomorrow, a day much like today. maybe a little more sun, scattered showers. tomorrow's highs, about 73 degrees. murky. >> murky. gray, muggy. still to come on eyewitness
4:56 pm
news tonight. >> the downfall of jack johnson. i'm mike hellgren, outside of prince george's county, where he just pleaded guilty. how long he'll be going to how long he'll be going to federal prison, and what ,,,,,,,
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
coming up next on wjz eyewitness news at 5:00. the reason behind the split. schwarzenegger comes clean about a secret child. tonight, details about his double life. guilty plea from one of maryland's largest counties. what jack johnson said outside of court. two elementary students fear for their life on a playground. >> he pulled out a bb gun and told us we have 10 seconds to
4:59 pm
run. and he shot me. >> i'm adam may, examining the school's response. that's coming up. >> check in for these stories and more on eyewitness news. >> eyewitness news at 4:00 starts now. shocking secret. arnold schwarzenegger admits to having a child with another woman. >> maria shriver, devastated. tonight, the secret scandal that broke up the couple's marriage. >> hi. i'm kai jackson. and here's what people are talking about. arnold schwarzenegger kept this secret for more than a decade. the former governor for california a relationship with the woman who worked at his home. kendis gibson reports with the latest on this scandal. >> po


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